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Podcast Power

I’ve mentioned the Galactic Watercooler podcast quite a few times because it’s had a major impact on my development as a geek, but it’s not the only podcast I listen to. I got an iPod as a college graduation present in 2006, and since then I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts. Some, like GWC, I continue to listen to every week. Others have come and gone out of my podcast rotation. More recently, a couple of my friends have started their own shows, which have earned top spots in my listen queue. Here’s a run-down of Jonolobster’s “Required Listening” podcasts:

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Fantasy Sci-Fi League Fun

I’ve never really been that into sports. I’m fine with watching football or hockey and count myself as a supporter of our local franchises, and I’ve been known to enjoy a round of Wii Golf on occasion, but I hardly ever attend games or read the sports page. I guess I know enough about sports to get by as our culture expects from someone of my gender. I can hold my own in a discussion of sports with someone as long as things don’t get too technical. My favorite sporting event is the Winter Olympics (curling being my favorite event), so I only get really excited about sports every four years, which suits me fine.

However, I’m a huge fan of science-fiction, fantasy, comics, and the like, and I’d much rather spend my time watching, reading, discussing, or thinking about something in those realms. I also like to write – a lot.

Enter Galactic Watercooler‘s Fantasy Sci-Fi League.

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Addicted to Google+

I haven’t been blogging that much of late, what with Fantasy Sci-Fi League 3.0 over on Galactic Watercooler and “summer vacation” (two weeks off), it’s been a struggle to find the time for it. Another time vampire has been Google+, the now three-week-old social network from the House of G.

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