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EXHIBIT A: Proof that I’ve been a geek for a while.

8-Bit Office Art

A Facebook friend posted this picture of his co-worker’s office decoration: an 8-bit version of Luigi made entirely of Post-it Notes.

I think this is a great use of office space and of the ubiquitous Post-it Notes in particular. A quick web search yielded some other great examples of Post-it Note art, and I was wondering if any of you out there had created similar installations. Have any of you used Post-it Notes to liven up your workplace?

Podcast Power

I’ve mentioned the Galactic Watercooler podcast quite a few times because it’s had a major impact on my development as a geek, but it’s not the only podcast I listen to. I got an iPod as a college graduation present in 2006, and since then I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts. Some, like GWC, I continue to listen to every week. Others have come and gone out of my podcast rotation. More recently, a couple of my friends have started their own shows, which have earned top spots in my listen queue. Here’s a run-down of Jonolobster’s “Required Listening” podcasts:

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Fantasy Sci-Fi League Fun

I’ve never really been that into sports. I’m fine with watching football or hockey and count myself as a supporter of our local franchises, and I’ve been known to enjoy a round of Wii Golf on occasion, but I hardly ever attend games or read the sports page. I guess I know enough about sports to get by as our culture expects from someone of my gender. I can hold my own in a discussion of sports with someone as long as things don’t get too technical. My favorite sporting event is the Winter Olympics (curling being my favorite event), so I only get really excited about sports every four years, which suits me fine.

However, I’m a huge fan of science-fiction, fantasy, comics, and the like, and I’d much rather spend my time watching, reading, discussing, or thinking about something in those realms. I also like to write – a lot.

Enter Galactic Watercooler‘s Fantasy Sci-Fi League.

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Settlers of Catan


He who rules the sheep, rules the world!

Played “Settler of Catan” for the first time last night with some friends. What a fun game to lose!

Geek’s Delight: The World of Game of Thrones

“A nerd is someone who has the ability to unnaturally obsess about something to an almost unhealthy degree.” – Chris Hardwick, Galactic Watercooler #265, 55:58

My current nerd obsession revolves around George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series and the current HBO miniseries adaptation of the first novel, Game of Thrones. Even for an obsessive geek-type such as myself, I amazed at how quickly I have become engrossed in the world of Westeros and the lands across the Narrow Sea. I’ve been reading the books voraciously and I’ve watched every episode of the series so far. I downloaded the House Stark sigil wallpaper from the HBO site, which I think looks pretty spiffy on my Ubuntu laptop. I follow the HBO Game of Thrones accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The GoT Twitter account even sent me a kind, albeit cryptic, welcome message: “Thanks for following. Don’t forgot – crowns do queer things to the heads beneath them.”

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Stargate is done. Now what?

On Monday night, the Stargate went dark for the final time. The last episode of Stargate Universe aired on SyFy, after the cable network and franchise-owner MGM announced that there would be no more trips through the ‘Gate.

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Trekkie Bling



The other night we went to the movies, and on the way out of the theater I noticed a display case of old promo buttons from past premieres. The biggest button in the case was from the documentary “Trekkies.” This both entertained and surprised me. “Trekkies” was not a big movie in relation to the others on display, but it’s awesome to see that Trekkies are well-represented at my local multiplex.

And I love the tagline: “They are the most powerful force in the universe.”

Hellz-to-the-Frak-Yeah we are!

Trekkies represent!