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Fantasy Sci-Fi League Fun

I’ve never really been that into sports. I’m fine with watching football or hockey and count myself as a supporter of our local franchises, and I’ve been known to enjoy a round of Wii Golf on occasion, but I hardly ever attend games or read the sports page. I guess I know enough about sports to get by as our culture expects from someone of my gender. I can hold my own in a discussion of sports with someone as long as things don’t get too technical. My favorite sporting event is the Winter Olympics (curling being my favorite event), so I only get really excited about sports every four years, which suits me fine.

However, I’m a huge fan of science-fiction, fantasy, comics, and the like, and I’d much rather spend my time watching, reading, discussing, or thinking about something in those realms. I also like to write – a lot.

Enter Galactic Watercooler‘s Fantasy Sci-Fi League.

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Meet the Pack and the Real Lexington

In last week’s Gargoyles Rewatch over on the Galactic Watercooler Forum, we watched the first non-origin episode of season one, “The Thrill of the Hunt.” This episode introduces The Pack, who will play recurring roles in the rest of the series, both collectively and individually. Some of their voices may have  sounded familiar to you…

“Fox” – Laura San Giacomo – Actress best known for TV’s Just Shoot Me and the film Pretty Woman.

“Wolf” – Clancy Brown – A well-known genre actor, he’s been in Highlander, Buckaroo Banzai, Starship Troopers, and TV’s Earth 2. Also: Mr. Krab on SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Jackal” – Matt Frewer – Genre fave from Max Headroom and Eureka.

“Hyena” – Cree Summer – Original voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget. An accomplished voice actor and musician, her brother is Rainbow Sun Francks, Lt. Ford on Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis.

“Dingo” – Jim Cummings – Another very prolific voice actor. Most notably, he was the terror that flaps in the night… Darkwing Duck.

“Thrill of the Hunt” focuses on Lexington, who is my personal favorite Gargoyle. Lex was one of the younger trio of gargoyles. I related to Lex because he was the geeky gargoyle, and the “weaker” one. GWC Forum member BadgerSpoon pointed out another fact about Lexington, one that was never addressed in the series: he was gay.

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Gargoyles: Gateway Drug for Young Geek

The current “geek nostalgia” arc of my favorite podcast, Galactic Watercooler, included a discussion about films and movies that influenced the development of a  “geek” sense of self. This got me thinking about one of my personal nostalgic favorites: the animated Disney series Gargoyles.

Whenever I hear someone describe a television show they watched during childhood as having had a major influence on who they became as an adult, I usually share my love of Gargoyles with them.

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