David Weber Announces Honor Harrington Movie Deal

Yesterday, author David Weber posted an essay on his website, davidweber.net, announcing that a movie option deal had been made with a Hollywood studio to adapt his popular Honor Harrington series for the big screen. Weber stated that the movie, to be based on the first book in the series, On Basilisk Station, would the first of possible series films that would follow the storyline of the books.

Although Weber did not disclose names, dates, or financial details, his announcement was very detailed and enthusiastic. Weber stated that the producer and the studio are the same entity, and he described the movie studio  as “a cutting edge CGI/3-D studio… headed by people who have actually read the books, who like the characters, who know the characters, and who have [illustrated] their understanding of Honor’s character and the reason they’re excited about the project.” More importantly, Weber stated, the studio is “interested in the Honorverse and in the characters who live in it, and they clearly don’t see it as the opportunity to make one movie and then get out.”

In his post, Weber explained some of the reasons why he was optimistic about the deal. Aside from the studio’s familiarity with the books and desire to fully realize the Honorverse on screen, Weber announced that he had also been hired as a creative consultant and that he had participated in “fairly-intensive” video-conferences about the characters and the storyline, with he believes the studio is treating “with respect.” Weber also explained some probable changes to the series, including the possibility of eliminating or merging certain characters and adding more fleet combat in the first installment. Weber acknowledged that the task of adapting a literary work for the screen is tough, but, “When it works properly, what you get in the end is a movie which is faithful to the original but not identical to it. That’s what we’re looking at accomplishing at this point.”

Weber also discussed his desire to actually expand some roles to attract a high-caliber actor or actress. He cited shipping magnate Klaus Hauptman, lovable ne’er-do-well Horace Harkness, and Honor’s steward James MacGuiness as examples of roles that he’d want to expand in order to attract someone “really good.”

So when can we expect On Basilisk Station to hit theaters? Not for while, Weber said.

“Obviously, this is just the beginning of what will probably be about a five-year process to actually getting the picture released, assuming that everything goes well. Assuming we’re living in the real world, it will probably take just a teeny bit longer than that.”

I’m obviously thrilled at the possibility of seeing the Honorverse brought to life on the big screen. What do the rest of you think?


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  1. I just heard about this book series earlier today, when someone referred to it on a message board in a topic about sci-fi series’ with major non-White characters. So I looked it up on Wikipedia and read all about, and it sounded very interesting. So now I plan to get the first book to check it out for myself.

  2. I pray that this series gets the due respect that it deserves. It is a nightmare to create a great movie from an exceptionable piece of Sci Fi literature. Example Starship Troopers. of course having the benefit of the author alive to kick and scream has it’s advantages for the viewers/reader. I just want to be able to hold my head up high as I leave the theater after watch this movie.

  3. i think honor would do much better as a TV series than a movie it just seems like the more dramatic and drawn out nature of a TV series were people are ok with one space battle every few episodes example battlestar galactica. also if they go book by book in a movie series they’ll need real prolong if they want to avoid changing actors every 3 movies or so. all that being said when this comes out ill go and probably love it.

  4. I can’t wait to see Honor on the big screen, A classy lady of honor and of course her companion Nimitz. Mostly I can’t wait to see how she destroys those who oppose…

    I pray that this is not handled like Battlefield earth a great read and possibly the worst movie of all time. Peace out !

  5. I’ve been a huge fan of the Honorverse for more than a decade. I’m also a huge fan of the sci-fi movie genre and all I can think to say about this is WOOHOO!! I can only hope that the studio chieftains know that, aside from a complete unlnown, the only actress who could do Honor justice is Angelina Jolie. Can’t you just see it? A combination of Jolie’s character in Sky Captian and Laura Croft. Beauty, grace and toughness. I can’t think of anyone else who could pull this off.

  6. Given Hollywood’s penchant for sleaze, I’d be cautious if I were the producer, to portray Honor with a respectable actress, and include NOTHING erotic. It would ruin my whole image of her!

  7. I’d rather see it given a tv series treatment a la Game of Thrones. It’s extremely tough to take a complicate
    d book and make it into a movie. How do you fit in enough explanation, character development, and action to keep everyone happy?

  8. Would love to see it, as long as they actually do it right – unlike the crap version of Starship Troopers. RAH is spinning in his grave!

  9. Just finishing the first book (On Basilik Station). I would go see the movie.

  10. Every time I watch a Babylon 5 episode I think that Claudia Christian (Ivanovah) IS Honor Harrington. I am sure that she has aged since then, and may no longer be able to fit the role, which is too bad. I think that she would have been able to embody the character perfectly.

  11. Please yes make this movie. An amazing series I have gotten many non science fiction geek-friends to read and become fans!

  12. I agree with those who mention doing a tv series instead of a movie. Game of Thrones and Battlestar Galactica are perfect examples.

    I am happy to hear that Mr. Weber is talking to an animation studio. That will make it much easier to do all the tech and space scenes

  13. I see Daniela Ruah as Honor Harrington. She’s done a fabulous job in the NCIS:LA role and has the look…

  14. I think SF writers should attend Weber Academy just as quarterbacks and receivers attend Manning Academy. I am working my way through Vol V of Safehold ( thank God for e-books) and I am impressed how he makes what would otherwise be tedious detail interesting.

  15. I sure hope the movie and the possible follow ons do justice to Mr Weber’s work. Could this be another series like the Star Trek movies? I hope so, and hope I will be around to enjoy them.

  16. “David Weber Announces Honor Harrington Movie Deal
    Jonolobster” was a remarkable read and also I personally
    was truly glad to discover it. Thanks for your time,Marsha

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