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David Weber Announces Honor Harrington Movie Deal

Yesterday, author David Weber posted an essay on his website,, announcing that a movie option deal had been made with a Hollywood studio to adapt his popular Honor Harrington series for the big screen. Weber stated that the movie, to be based on the first book in the series, On Basilisk Station, would the first of possible series films that would follow the storyline of the books.

Although Weber did not disclose names, dates, or financial details, his announcement was very detailed and enthusiastic. Weber stated that the producer and the studio are the same entity, and he described the movie studio  as “a cutting edge CGI/3-D studio… headed by people who have actually read the books, who like the characters, who know the characters, and who have [illustrated] their understanding of Honor’s character and the reason they’re excited about the project.” More importantly, Weber stated, the studio is “interested in the Honorverse and in the characters who live in it, and they clearly don’t see it as the opportunity to make one movie and then get out.”

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8-Bit Office Art

A Facebook friend posted this picture of his co-worker’s office decoration: an 8-bit version of Luigi made entirely of Post-it Notes.

I think this is a great use of office space and of the ubiquitous Post-it Notes in particular. A quick web search yielded some other great examples of Post-it Note art, and I was wondering if any of you out there had created similar installations. Have any of you used Post-it Notes to liven up your workplace?

Fall TV: What Looks Good

Apple Cider and Remote Control

Hot Apple Cider and the Remote - Fall Essentials!

I love the fall. Cool, crisp air, fresh apple cider, my birthday (October 28th), and my favorite holidays (Halloween and Thanksgiving) all make this a great time of year. But the best part about the fall? NEW TV SHOWS!

This fall features a great mix of new shows and returning favorites. It seemed like last fall, all the good shows were on Mondays and Thursdays, with very little in between. This fall, it looks like there’s something good on every night, including Fridays (which seems to be the red-headed step-child night of network TV programming).

After the jump, I run down the week in network TV for fall 2011.

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