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I’ve mentioned the Galactic Watercooler podcast quite a few times because it’s had a major impact on my development as a geek, but it’s not the only podcast I listen to. I got an iPod as a college graduation present in 2006, and since then I’ve listened to hundreds of podcasts. Some, like GWC, I continue to listen to every week. Others have come and gone out of my podcast rotation. More recently, a couple of my friends have started their own shows, which have earned top spots in my listen queue. Here’s a run-down of Jonolobster’s “Required Listening” podcasts:

Wonderful, Thanks

These two guys are pretty awesome. Ramsey Ess is the one on the left, and I’ve known him since kindergarten. He’s my oldest and closest friend, and the funniest guy I know. We graduated from high school and college together, and even though he now lives eight hours away in Brooklyn, I get to hear him every week. On the right is Adam Maid, who I had the pleasure to meet recently, and who is perhaps Ramsey’s comedic equal. Together, they host “Wonderful, Thanks,” about podcast that tackles a new word each week, from “trains” to “punch.” They’re also joined by a new guest every week, and together they explore the many meanings of the word at hand and venture off on hilarious tangents.

Homepage http://www.wonderfulthanks.com

iTunes http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/wonderful-thanks/id434149666

Miro http://www.miroguide.com/audio/15033

The Billy Hero Show

I met Billy Hero though a college friend, BonnieBot. Billy was reading my tweets over Bonnie’s shoulder and decided that he and I were of a mind. From there, a long-distance bromance developed. Billy and Bonnie host a streaming show on the NerdFit Network, recorded on Sunday nights in their living room in Murdercold Buffalo, New York. Joining them is a wonderful cast of characters, including local white rapper Mister HD, Dr. Shotts, Daniel the Human Manatee, and, once in a while, yours truly. Tune in at 9 PM Eastern for two hours of geek and pop culture news, music, bawdy humor, tasteless tales, and occasional vomiting. Past episodes are archived on their Facebook page. (I also designed their logo.)

NerdFit Network http://www.nerdfit.com

Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TheBillyHeroShow

Twitter http://www.twitter.com/BillyHeroShow

Tyrion’s Landing

Fellow GWCers Jeannie, Nikki, and Rachel discuss the HBO series Game of Thrones and talk about their take on the show, the books, casting news, and swoon over Jason Momoa. For those who haven’t read the books, this is a great spoiler-free show to listen to because they only discuss the books up to the point covered by the show. So far, they’ve released one podcast per episode of the first season and a wrap-up episode of the season. If you’ve just discovered A Song of Ice and Fire, as I have, this is a great place to start.

Homepage http://tyrionslanding.podbean.com/

Twitter http://twitter.com/TyrionsLanding/

Legends Podcast

For movie buffs, fellow GWCer John D. broadcasts from the Great White North (the silly French-speaking part), joined by a rotating roster of guests from around the world, brought to your ears by the power of the Internet. If you like classic movies, cult favorites, genre television, and sexy accents, Legend’s Podcast is the one for you. Check the shows website to pick and choose the episodes you want, as topics range from the Rocky series to Dr. Who and Torchwood. Start with something you love, and then sit back and enjoy John and his guests’ unique spin on things.

Homepage http://legendspodcast.libsyn.com/

Twitter http://twitter.com/LegendsPodcast

That’s it for this batch of podcast recommendations. If you’ve got some spare listening time, I urge you to check out one of these great shows – in addition to your required GWC listening, of course!


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A self-described "nerd in progress," I geek out about: sci-fi, comics, history, politics, food, entertainment news, cats, and alliteration. A beleaguered blogger, I boldly bloviate between bouts of boredom, buck blandness and blockages, and bombard the blogosphere with blasts of blazing braggadocio.

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