Meet the Pack and the Real Lexington

In last week’s Gargoyles Rewatch over on the Galactic Watercooler Forum, we watched the first non-origin episode of season one, “The Thrill of the Hunt.” This episode introduces The Pack, who will play recurring roles in the rest of the series, both collectively and individually. Some of their voices may have  sounded familiar to you…

“Fox” – Laura San Giacomo – Actress best known for TV’s Just Shoot Me and the film Pretty Woman.

“Wolf” – Clancy Brown – A well-known genre actor, he’s been in Highlander, Buckaroo Banzai, Starship Troopers, and TV’s Earth 2. Also: Mr. Krab on SpongeBob SquarePants.

“Jackal” – Matt Frewer – Genre fave from Max Headroom and Eureka.

“Hyena” – Cree Summer – Original voice of Penny on Inspector Gadget. An accomplished voice actor and musician, her brother is Rainbow Sun Francks, Lt. Ford on Season 1 of Stargate Atlantis.

“Dingo” – Jim Cummings – Another very prolific voice actor. Most notably, he was the terror that flaps in the night… Darkwing Duck.

“Thrill of the Hunt” focuses on Lexington, who is my personal favorite Gargoyle. Lex was one of the younger trio of gargoyles. I related to Lex because he was the geeky gargoyle, and the “weaker” one. GWC Forum member BadgerSpoon pointed out another fact about Lexington, one that was never addressed in the series: he was gay.

From Interview: Greg Weisman Talks Gargoyles [Comicmix]:

COMICMIX: You confirmed during a convention a few years ago that Lexington was gay. When was that decided?
GREG WEISMAN: We didn’t plan it from the beginning. We didn’t say, “Okay, here’s the big heavy-set character and here’s the gay character.” Over time, we learned more about the characters. And towards the end, it occurred to us that Lexington was gay but that he didn’t know it.
CMIX: And did you inform actor Thom Adcox [who voiced Lexington] of that?
GW: No, because there was nothing we felt he needed to change and it was towards the end. I remember it was actually at the Gathering of the Gargoyles in New York that a fan flat-out asked if Lexington was gay and I said, “Yes,” and Thom cried out, “I knew it!”

I would have loved to see that aspect of the character come to light on the show, if Disney would have even allowed it. I can only imagine the impact that it would have had on 12-year-old me. I probably would have been floored! I can’t think of any direct hints towards Lex’s orientation in the show, other than his idol-worship of the Pack. He does bond with Alexander Xanatos towards the end of the series, but Alex was still a baby. However, even the relationship between Goliath and Elisa, while affectionate, never truly became a romance. I can’t imagine that such a revelation about Lexington would have made it on the air, no matter how long the series lasted.

Still, it’s an interesting anecdote. I have a great deal of respect for Weisman. He seems to me to have a lot of integrity. I feel that if Gargoyles had stayed on the air and he had stayed on as showrunner, Weisman would have pushed Disney to tell that story, when the time came. And I think it would have been awesome.


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