And… we’re blogging.

Welcome to the all-new Official Jonolobster Blog at WordPress. I’m not quite sure what you’re going to see here, but it will be interesting, I guarantee that.

Thematically, I’m going with “portrait of a geek.” This is something I tried to do five years ago with my last blog over on Blogger, but I honestly didn’t have the time or discipline for it. Hopefully, this attempt turns out better.

Since then, I feel as though I’ve come more fully into my geek identity, and I wanted a forum to reflect on that and share what I’ve been working on. For the most part, these pursuits are completely separate from my professional career, and shall be kept so.

I’ve got a couple projects on the burners right now which you will probably see reflected here. The first is the development of my nerdcore rapper persona, “Jonolobster.” I’ve written a couple of songs, but I haven’t recorded anything yet. When I do, you’ll see it here first.

The second project is the on-going Gargoyles Rewatch, over on the Galactic Watercooler Forums. I’ll be chronicling the rewatch, as well as including a retrospective of the series and a reflection on the show’s impact on my development as a young geek.

Finally, this blog itself will be a project. It’s been a while since I’ve dabbled in web design, so bear with me as I sharpen my rusty skills and learn some new ones.

Otherwise, this blog will serve as a what a blog should be: a general purpose outlet for rants, plugs, reviews, news, and whatever creative or intellectual pursuits I’m involved in at the moment.

So, stick around for new content, coming soon! Be sure to follow me on Twitter to learn all the mundane details of my life and hopefully share a laugh or two.

See you soon!

~ Jonolobster


About Jonolobster

A self-described "nerd in progress," I geek out about: sci-fi, comics, history, politics, food, entertainment news, cats, and alliteration. A beleaguered blogger, I boldly bloviate between bouts of boredom, buck blandness and blockages, and bombard the blogosphere with blasts of blazing braggadocio.

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